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Officially, no. There hasn't been a release of the game for MacOS and the system requirements stipulate that Windows XP is the minimum.
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Civilization 6 also introduced city-planning for the first time, with districts and special buildings that can be built within cities.

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A Good Match For: Gamers looking for the best turn-based strategy games. This is, after all, the best Civilization game available. Read our in-depth Mac Performance review for more benchmarks. This may sound a lot like Pacific Rim, but the game comes with a twist: saving cities and civilians is more important than killing the monsters.

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Featuring retro graphics, Into the Breach is an extremely easy game to run. A Good Match for: MacBook owners who prefer slower turn-based strategy games that require focus, patience and lots of thinking. But what sets this game apart is the gameplay. StarCraft 2 is fast, precise and features perfectly balanced factions. The game is definitely easy to grasp and get into, but insanely hard to master.

StarCraft 2 could have been our top pick. StarCraft 2 also features nice graphics that stand the test of time and reasonable system requirements.

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Our MBP runs it 33 frames per second without breaking a sweat. The original StarCraft defined the genre and StarCraft 2 continues to push the envelope. System Requirements: OS Instead of taking place in a historical period, Total War: Warhammer 2 is set in the fantasy world of Warhammer and features all the monsters and flying creatures you can expect.

That said, this is still a Total War game, with both turn-based strategy and real-time battle modes. TW: Warhammer 2 is also an impressive game to behold, featuring massive real-time battles with hundreds of units on huge battlefields.

A Good Match For : Gamers interested in fantasy strategy games, but also those who enjoy the high-level strategy Total War games have always demanded. System Requirements: MacOS Based on Norse mythology, Northgard gives you control of a clan of Vikings trying to conquer and settle on a newfound continent.

You have to gather resources, create buildings and train soldiers, fishermen and scouts. But similarities with old-school classics stop there. Northgard introduces modern mechanics that give the game a fresh and interesting feel.

Age Of Empires III The Asian Dynasties Mac OS Mojave

You have to keep your clan happy and that will attract settlers that can then be trained to become soldiers. Northgard also features landscapes and weather effects that are simply top-notch. Other entries on this list may be less demanding, but the fact a MacBook from can run such a pretty game makes it our MacBook Pick. A good match for : Fans of games like Age of Empires on Mac.

Also, gamers looking for the best strategy games has to offer. System Requirements: 2. Humans lost the war against the aliens and the remaining survivors have to live under their rule. Plus, if one of your soldiers dies he or she is gone forever, making every mission feel tense and important.

In between missions, you get to manage your resources, research technologies, train your soldiers and decide where to go next. A Good Match For : Gamers looking for action-oriented turn-based strategy games. Most turn-based games favor complexity instead of intensity. XCOM 2 is the exception. Company of Heroes CoH was revolutionary when it first came out in The graphics, the destructible environments. My jaw dropped the first time I saw a Panzer tank drive through a wall and kill my soldiers.

Company of Heroes 2 is all that and more.

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Just like the original, CoH2 is all about securing resources, building an army and crushing the enemy. CoH2 is an action-driven RTS with lots of destruction and mayhem. If you have a machine with integrated graphics, our tests concluded you will probably be out of luck with this oneā€¦. There are others that take place in that period, but CoH2 is the top choice. Also, gamers looking for military strategy games. Hearthstone is a perfect example of how to do it right. Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game based on the popular Warcraft universe.

Hearthstone is much simpler than you would imagine. In every match, you pull three or four cards depending on who goes first out of your customized deck of 30 cards. You can genuinely spend hours playing Hearthstone without having to spend a dime. Plus, the cute yet simplistic graphics are perfect for low-powered machines. A Good Match For: Fans of strategy card games. Other choices exist, but Hearthstone is the clear winner in this category. The entire Earth is represented and you can own, conquer, and colonize any part of it.

That said, the developer did a lot to make it more accessible.

The menus and interface were streamlined and the tutorials beefed up. Still, this game is hard to get into. If your attention span is as short as mine, you may be overwhelmed early on. Among the games featured here, this is one of the most forgiving entries in terms of system requirements. Ever wanted to be captain of a ship and sail out to conquer the universe? Homeworld may be your way out.

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Released in the s, Homeworld 1 and 2 turned the strategy genre on its head with huge Star Wars-like space battles at a scale never seen before. Over a decade later, many still remember the excitement Homeworld created. And now that Aspyr has remastered the game and brought it up to modern standards, Homeworld looks just as good as any of the other games featured in this list.

I've run into some other downloadable files for this application but due to the copy protection implemented all of them gave me problems in one form or another. This disk image contains a hidden and protected file that must be present in the same folder as the app before it will properly run. The disk image is bootable within Mini vMac and the app seems to also run properly under System 6.

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Overview Review User Reviews Specs. Kind of a mix of Civilization 2 and Warcraft II, Age of Empires is a real-time strategy classic that has in turn spawned countless imitators. If you've ever played any title from the Age series, you'll feel right at home gathering the troops, gathering natural resources, and building structures. The game's graphics and sound are a bit rough by today's standards, but the challenging gameplay and classic control definitely stand the test of time.

Although only one campaign comes with the demo, it's split up into several scenarios that can take hours to get through. If you're any kind of real-time strategy fan, this should have a mandatory spot in your download library. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description.