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Video Compressor: Top 5 Free Video Compression Software for Mac and Video Converter Ultimate software which is the best video compressor for PC.
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However, if you want to compress your video file size even further, you have a number of options.

A video compressor is a piece of software that reduces your video file size by removing details in the data. But they all work in one of two ways. Lossless compression works by eliminating redundant information and is not typically used for the web.

Lossy compression, on the other hand, noticeably removes detail. You can, however, still use a lossy method to compress an image or audio file quite a bit before most people will notice much of a difference. Most video compressors are also video converters.

These allow you to convert a video from one file type to another, while also offering control over the final output size. A video compressor is usually a better way to go, however, as they will usually allow more control over the final result.

Best Video Compression Software for Mac

If you only need to compress videos occasionally, an online video compressor should be fast and fine. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. For example, when you record a video using HD camera, you get the content in a video file of big size. It is challenging to send such large video file over social media, emails or other various sites.

How to Compress Video with the Top Video Compressor for Mac (macOS Mojave)

Now you can read this post to learn more detailed information about the best video compression software for Mac: Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. There is a plethora of video compression software available in the market that supports compressing video files. Some video compression software even allows users to compress videos in a bulk.

However, not all video compressors are suitable for you.

Compress Video: Best Free Video Compressor for Mac and Windows PC

For beginners, you need to choose simple-to-use video compressor. Nowadays, we love 4K videos, but we need to compress them some day for certain reason.

Compress video online for free. Compress MP4, MP3, MOV, and more without watermark.

With this compressor, it is easy fot you to compress 4K video to p , or p to p. Windows version only. Keep the best balance between file size and video audio quality while compressing video files.

Free and Simplified Video Compression Software

Here you are allowed to load your videos to be compressed with 2 different ways: click the "Add Files" button on top left of the main interface or directly drag and drop your videos to the program. This video compressor supports batch conversion. The main application menu has few design features, but is functional. A help option that brings up a Web tutorial is easy to identify, as are options for selecting files and opening previously compressed ones.

Anyone familiar with other file management applications will be familiar with this menu setup. For an easier option, a file can also be clicked and dragged into the application.

Unfortunately, the application states that compressing image files requires installation of a separate program. Additional options exist to encrypt the zipped files as well as burn them to a CD or other outside media.