Where is outlook pst stored on mac

To transfer messages and other items from a Windows-based computer to a Mac, Outlook for Mac can import Outlook Data Files .pst) that were created in.
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Where is the Outlook PST File Located?

I am so completely upset! A friend loaded another version of windows on my system. Then, I talked to someone that knew what they were doing, and I managed to get my data back believe by changing permissions or something like that. Now I am in the process of backing up all of my data so I can completely wipe out this system and start over the system is a complete mess. But, I cannot get my. I have tried everything, including what is already posted here.

I am so lost as to what to do.

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I desperately need my. I know the file is o.

Office 365 (Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Data files

I would truly appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you!!! A copy of the entire file, of course, would. A CRC check error should allow you the option to ignore and continue. Better that than nothing. Hold shift down when you drop to copy instead of move items. It tells me access denied, the file is in use by another process.

I want to export to iCloud or to some other type of archive file

It saves the pain from banging my head into the desk. Hi Leo Hope you can help. I have completed the following instructions and opened the Outlook file but still no sign of the allusive PST file.

Hi Leo, One day I came home and all my emails had disappeared from my outlook. The funny thing is that no file type is marked. I suspect it is. I have not been able to recover the emails either through outlook or scanpst. I am running several users on the PC and no other profile lost their emails. Any ideas?? Brg, Jussi in Shanghai. Anyone have a theory why MicroSlop puts the pst files in a hidden folder by default?

I found what appears to be an easier way to locate the place where Outlook stores e-mail files. It takes you to a screen that shows the path of all connected e-mail folders. I have a solution to my problem and it looks like the same one as Rein. The default path for Outlook PST data file is different for different operating system. The answer was simple and straightforward and helped me import my 2. I have a question about doing a full system back up. When I do this does the pst folder also get copied automatically? Or do I have to manually save it?

If your backup is configured to truly be a full backup, it then backs up all files, including the Outlook PST. I run the same backup programme on my desktop and laptop and recently noticed that for the same Outlook contact info stored on each computer the compressed backup file size varied substantially indicating that one or other of the. I had just assumed that the program would backup the correct files once only but it seems that whatever backup program you buy it is best to specify the path to the required backup file category oneself.


Outlook has its own method of backing up. A wizard will guide you thru the whole process. The PST file is a database containing your folders, messages and hierarchy info.

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  7. I can find my PST file without any difficulty. I had to reinstall my entire system but had a ghost backup on an external drive — I have all my emails, etc.

    Office 365 (Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Data files

    I have restored other pst files for friends in the past after crashes etc, My machine has not crashed and my outlook still works, I was showing someone where they are located… and my machine cannot find mine! This will show Archives if existing as well as Personal Folders. I need to find this file without being able to use outlook. I found useful.

    Article - Outlook for Mac - Open a PS

    I was also not able to see the Advance Tab the way Leo explained. But I was able to find my Outlook.

    When I went to this address I did not see any pst file, but I was able to see an outlook file which was called Office Data file. But fortunately that is the PST file as the size was big typically pst are big!!! Thanks for providing such nice information regarding the pst and its location. If your pst file is corrupted, damaged or lost and you are not able to repair it with the help of free Microsoft utility you can try a good pst recovery software.

    This software provides recovery from PST Recovery from folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes. It even provides recovery from password protected and encrypted pst file. It is easy to use and supports all the version of outlook. Thanks for the article, but can anyone help me as I still cannot locate my. No useful info is available in the advanced screen. PAB contacts and Outlook. NK2, which was all of KB in size. Rotundo himself: my 1. I read some of the earlier comments about not finding the PST files and I had the same problem.

    If you go to Control Panel open Folder Options then the View tab and tick Show hidden Files and Apply, when you go thru the procedure again you should see it. We had a new server installed at my office and now Outlook will not start because it cannot find the PST files. I even uninstalled Office and re-installed, and still get the same error message about not being able to find the PST files. When I start Outlook, it says the path is not valid and then asks for the file location.

    Transfer contacts from Outlook pst files to Mac OS X

    I have searched the entire hard drive and network drives and cannot find any PST files. Without them, Outlook just closes and will not let you into the program to change any settings or anything. Leo, your advice above was great, I just wished I understood the very first part: how in blazes do I find the tree folder????

    I am transferring over Outlook Express from my old desktop to my new laptop.